14:00-14:10 CET (Time in Germany)Introduction.
Suren VardanyanRalf Schlindwein
14:10 -14:25 Smart Moscow: the most promising technologies for urban infrastructure management.
Ontoev Dmitry
14:25 -14:40 CET Smart Dusseldorf: practice of implementing AI solutions in urban infrastructure.
Alexander Smolianitski
14:40 -14:55 CET Smart solutions "Made in Dusseldorf". Energy, mobility, sustainable development.
Uwe Kerkmann
14:55 -15:10 CET Entry into the international market of Russia for AI companies and products: challenges and opportunities.
Iliya Shkabara
15:10 -15:25 CET Smart City and AI solutions
Robert Jenisch
15:2515:40 CET Experience in the development and algorithm of territorial placement of state emergency rooms in megacities (on the example of Moscow)
Tishchenko Sergey
15:4015:55 CET Artificial intelligence: how to accelerate the return on investment in AI?
Grigorian Edgar
15:5516:15 Q&A, discussion.