Saxony is one of the highly developed federal states of Germany, which has been oriented towards close cooperation with Russia for over 30 years.

Times and conditions for doing business are changing, but Saxon companies still consider the Russian market promising, while many Russian companies are also interested in cooperation with German partners.

We invite entrepreneurs to the online business conference of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Leipzig: "Moscow-Saxony: opportunities for regional cooperation" (on the ZOOM platform, with simultaneous translation).

Questions that will be in focus:

  • hydrogen energy is a priority area of ​​cooperation between Russia and Germany;
  • how to conduct Russian-German business in times of crisis: practical recommendations for entrepreneurs;
  • new opportunities for cooperation between companies from Moscow and Saxony in the field of innovation, energy and production modernization;
  • biotechnology and medicine are the most important areas of commercial interaction between regions;
  • other promising areas for business and measures to support regional authorities.



  • Suren Vardanyan (Vice-President at Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Indusrtry)

    Suren Vardanyan

    Vice-President at Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Indusrtry

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  • Matthias Feige (Consulting International, Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

    Matthias Feige

    Consulting International, Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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  • Reiner Wedde (Prof., Dr. Maitre en droit at Of councel, Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwälte)

    Reiner Wedde

    Prof., Dr. Maitre en droit at Of councel, Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwälte

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  • Anton Moskvin (Vice-President at AO Rosatom Overseas)

    Anton Moskvin

    Vice-President at AO Rosatom Overseas

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  • Sergey Teplov (General director of the

    Sergey Teplov

    General director of the "Tekhnopark STROGINO"

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  • Andre Henke (Director HCMC Akademie - Medizintechnik-Seminare)

    Andre Henke

    Director HCMC Akademie - Medizintechnik-Seminare

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  • Hanns-Ulrich Werner (Director MAVEG Maschinen-Vertriebs-Gesellschaft mbH/METALIQ GmbH)

    Hanns-Ulrich Werner

    Director MAVEG Maschinen-Vertriebs-Gesellschaft mbH/METALIQ GmbH

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  • UB

    Ulrich Brise

    Director LMI Leipziger Messe International GmbH

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  • IK

    Ivan Kodolov

    Deputy Director for Analytics of the Special economic zone Technopolis Moscow

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